ArjonBD is not just a business like others which can be called a profit making machine. We have started and are running this Scholarship Program from where, every year we give scholarship to students who are from a needy family and proved their talent in their academic section. We have raised a fund where we transfer a fixed percentage from our profit for scholarship.

One of our vision is helping people to develop their latent and natural tendency to get educated and gathering knowledge in a easy way by providing books near their hand. According to present infrastructural condition due to traffic jam, peoples of Dhaka city seldom have interest to go out to buy books and where is the time to waste sitting idle on road? Outside Dhaka, less collection of books is big enough obstacle to make people less interested to read books. So, our long term mission is to create the environment and opportunities where the collection process of books will be the easiest one and reading books will become a daily part of our life. Readers don’t need to find books; they will just order and we will find their address to provide the desired book.

Before apply, Be sure that you really need the scholarship. It’s a social welfare program and only the students are requested who don’t have enough financial support which is essential to continue their education process. To get the scholarship, you should have a CGPA at least 3.25 out of 4 and 4.00 out of 5. We will verify your details provided to us and will take decision whether you are eligible or not. Wrong information should be avoided. ArjonBD reserves all rights to take and changes the decision.